“Millie’s Angel” was amazing!!! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing, but it did take me a few nights. Within the first few pages we are intrigued by Millie’s predicament, I particularly enjoyed the author’s “voice” and style of writing—thought the journal angle was a great was to get more inside Millie’s head and heart. The interweaving plot lines were well-crafted and original, and the themes of romance, growing up, life, good and evil, a mother’s love, and that there is something more ‘out there’… and just overall challenges people face were handled with respect and felt authentic, not like contrived drama often used to sell books. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill ‘angel’ story, but still real, poignant, and moving with a wonderful familial/friendship element and a very cool light paranormal/supernatural aspect that was organic and believable. The characters (lead and secondary) were all fleshed out and fully realized, with much more complexity than I see in a lot of books these days. I’d love to read more from Kim Petersen someday. Recommend for fans of New Adult drama and paranormal romance. 

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Millie's Angel: Just Imagine by Kim Petersen is an inspirational novel that tells the story of Millie and a family that is both cursed and blessed. Abandoned by her mother in disturbing circumstances, Millie grows up relying on her own strength and the comfort that comes from a friend and a guy who has smitten her heart. Can she forgive her mother for abandoning her? And what about her father, a man whose presence is as threatening as it is incomprehensible, a man she loves dearly, too? It isn’t until ten years later that her mother makes contact again, and Millie has matured into a responsible woman, and developed a powerful and uplifting bond with an angelic vision. But why did she leave? What happens after her return to Millie’s life? Here is a story that features family secrets, an extraordinary gift, love and friendship, and redemption.

Kim Petersen has crafted a very inspiring tale around an angel, a young girl, and a troubled family. The story starts with a dramatic incident that will affect the way Millie sees life and her family — an attack on her mother. Watching a young girl take responsibility over her kid brother while living with an unpredictable father is heartbreaking, but such is the reality in the story and it helps to create the conflict that will drive it. The writing is tight and the descriptions are vivid. Millie's Angel features compelling characters and readers will find some resonances with each of the characters. They are well-explored around the themes of friendship and love, spirituality, hatred, and dark secrets. It is a great story with an awesome finish.

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Millie's Angel: Just Imagine by Kim Petersen is a family saga, a story about family secrets, hurts, and the liberating power of love. When Millie comes home and discovers that her mother has been badly hurt, she believes it could be the worst day for her family — she doesn’t know who could do such a thing. But it is when her mother decides to leave that life completely changes for her family. She has to live with a father who has a mysterious, dark pallor shrouding his countenance, take care of her kid brother, and face the challenges of everyday life, of falling in love and getting hurt. But something else is happening as she struggles to make sense out of her life. She develops a connection with an angelic gift that will play a wonderful role in the life of her family. 

Millie's Angel: Just Imagine is a heartwarming, spiritually rich, and inspirational story that has a lot of realism in it, a story that will uplift and empower readers and remind them to never lose hope when things go wrong. Kim Petersen has crafted a very beautiful story around the growth and journey towards inner freedom of a young girl. It features very compelling themes, including love and friendship, family secrets, the miracle of generously embracing one’s gifts, and the purpose of life. Petersen’s writing flows sweetly — like drippings of honeycomb. The internal conflict created within the protagonist is equally powerful and it helps to pull readers in. This is an exciting story in which the reader will find something of themselves.

Mar 07, 2017Kylene rated it: it was amazing

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I Devoured this book is two days, which had me moving from room to room, hiding from my family to find the next quiet spot in which to feed my curiosity as to what happened next.
What can I say about Millie's Angel without ruining the experience? Because it is more than a read, it is a journey...

One of self discovery and realizing the power of your inner voice. 
One where you find yourself engrossed with the characters on their journey. Kim has managed to communicate seamlessly the transitions throughout the characters growth. 

Be ready to have your emotions ebb and flow with the highs and lows of Millie and those of her tight inner circle. 
Be ready to shed tears, hold your breath and feel your heart swell with this story.. 

Then be ready to Nag Kim for her sequel!
As with all great Novels, you are left wanting for more!!!!
Well done PussyCat, I absolutely Loved it <3

This was my first book from Kim Petersen but I hope it’s not the last. “Millie’s Angel” starts off with some powerful beginning to set the scene and ground the reader in Millie’s world, and her perspective and her terrifying drama (mother’s abuse) from her husband, Glenn. Petersen does a wonderfully convincing job of creating a believable background, in terms of Millie’s tragic, challenging circumstances and her special visits from her angel -which enables the rest of the plot to unfold in an organic, yet powerful manner as we see the rest of the cast go through their ordeals one-by-one. This book does touch on some very heavy subject matters and there should be trigger warnings for the abuse and shocking events. But it's an important message of strength, overcoming adversity, compassion, healing, finding love and peace and moving on. A well written powerful, emotionally moving read that kept me captivated through to the end, which I loved! Recommend for readers of suspense, spiritual/paranormal drama, women’s’ fiction

Lately I’ve been in a rut of putting down books and not picking them up again because I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Millie’s Angel” by Kim Peterson. From the very beginning the intrigue and drama flowed seamlessly from one page to the next as past and present and ‘spiritual’ came to life in a vivid and sometimes shocking and unexpected way. I enjoyed the creativeness that Peterson used in a somewhat crowded genre and made Millie’s experiences and her romance and her struggles feel fresh, not like something I’ve read a million times. While not perfect, the editing and pacing were decent enough, and the plot was unpredictable enough to make me just *have* to see what would happen next. A real emotional roller-coaster from start to finish and I was impressed with the strong writing. Probably best suited for adults as there are some pretty sexy scenes and some coarse language. But a great, profound message that warms the heart and lifts the spirits. 

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A graceful work of undeniable potential.

Testing the boundaries between Love, obsession and identity ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a heartfelt piece of writing with substance that paints vivid pictures of Millie’s poignant yet triumphant journey through life. Witnessing the deteriorating relationship of her parents followed by the responsibility of showering love and care towards younger brother Ace, after being abandoned by mother, Millie discovers profound exploration of life and love that tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope in a way which is both deeply moving and satisfying.

Managing to Evoke emotional attachment for each of her characters author Kim Petersen is very impressive with her evocative prose. The flashbacks were well placed throughout the main story to heighten the mystery of the main plot. It was refreshing to notice headstrong female characters in the novel- struggle, grow and fight adversities of life and claim their own destiny. ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a graceful work of undeniable potential that was both entertaining yet heartwarming with rich – mesmerizing narrative. Those looking for a dramatic fantasy with  believable fiction, author Kim Petersen’s novel is sure to put an end to their search. Highly Recommended.

‘Millie’s Angel” by Kim Peterson is an unusual novel which is intriguing and suspenseful. The genres for “Millie”s Angel” are Fiction and Women’s Fiction.  There is also a feeling of Mysticism. In my  opinion, this novel might be considered Paranormal or Inspirational Fiction.:” Inspirational fictions emphasizes morals, values, and life lessons from unconventional standpoints.”-Wikipedia

Kim Peterson portrays her character Millie feeling an “angelic, celestial presence.” Millie has been abandoned by her mother, and is helping to bring her brother up. Her father is mentally unstable, and at times shows a very dark personality.  Millie seems to see the world in colors, butterflies, light, and angel’s wings. The author describes  Millie’s train of thoughts in the world making her feel that “she holds the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.”Despite life’s burdens,Millie seems to have faith and hope, and also seems to light up the world around her.

There is symbolism of good and evil in this story. Some of the characters do extremely immoral and malicious things. Their actions are vicious, and they have no control over their actions. They possess demonic qualities.

I was thinking of many philosophical possibilities when I was reading this book. There is suspense, and yet at times the story was predictable.

This was an unique story that can be interpreted in different ways. It is also hard to fit into any one genre. I received a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.