This Goodreads group offers lots of advice and support for people doing exactly what you're doing - worth checking out.


Self-publisher extraordinaire, Steena, offers some great tips for indie-authors.

A breath of fresh in an otherwise suffocating environment. A wealth of information can be found on their website. 

First up, you'll need a good editor. Even a great one. Please don't pass up Paul Vander Loos - he is exceptional at his craft, and his patience and understanding make for a pleasant experience. 

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Derek offers great advice on publishing and marketing to the Indie author

​​​​A great wealth of information and support can be found here. ​​

Alliance of Independent Authors /

The journey for the first-time indie-author is much like a series of moments fumbling around in the dark searching for the slightest spark of light to brighten the way out of a seemingly endless tunnel. The mind boggles with information-overload as you spend hours of your life staring at your monitor until the words jumble in a haze of senseless knowledge that you just can’t seem to absorb right now.

If this sounds a little familiar, take heart. There are some great resources available to the first-time indie-author among the never-ending sea of digital input. Here I’ve put together some worth while sites to check out during my quest for self-publishing information.

You’ve spent a good lot of your soul, heart and time nuturing your book, don’t sweat the publishing process - embrace your new journey with both hands and enjoy it! – Your first and only task is finding the success you seek within you.

 Action will be inspired by the whisper within you when you listen.  

 Good luck!