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April 22, 2017

Kidspot Article

How do you write a novel when you have 5 kids?

Kidspot were interested to know!

"Learning to laugh when your four-year old-decides to empty a tube of glue on the cat to keep it from shedding hair all over the lounge room floor" 

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A Gerringong author is set to release her debut novel of “speculative fiction”. 
Gerringong resident Kim Petersen recently completed writing her first novel.
The book, Millie's Angel, is due for release around April via print-on-demand. 
The self-published effort will also be made available in e-book format. 
Mrs Petersen, 43, who has penned various short stories in the past began writing her first full-length book in August 2015. 

The mother of five said she’d always had an interest in writing. 
“I just decided to take the plunge and give it a go, and do something for myself,” she said. 
“I’m excited about it. I just hope that it’ll find its audience and take off from there.
“It just all fell into place. Once I started it just flowed, and it felt good, it felt right.


Millie's Angel takes the bronze award for best cover!

February 23, 2017: Dan Poynter's Global ebook Awards 

Millie's Angel has been nominated for a Global eBook Award in the categories; Best Meta physical/Spiritual Fiction & Best Book Cover. 

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March 3, 2017: 96.5 Wave FM Radio Chat

Award winning Author

Media Release:                                    

 Sydney Mother Achieves Industry Recognition for her First Novel of Magical Realism

Author Survives Abusive Marriage and Seeks to Inspire Young Women to Reach for their Potential

       Surviving an abusive marriage has inspired a mother of five to write her first novel, with the aim of empowering young women and daring them to envision the life they deserve.

 Kim Petersen’s captivating first novel, Millie’s Angel, written in the popular speculative fiction genre of magical realism, explores important themes like self-belief, overcoming adversity, and discovering the courage to reach your potential.   

 Having just launched, Millie’s Angel has already captured the attention of the international writing industry.  The book has just been shortlisted in the internationally acclaimed Global eBook Awards, for the categories: Best Spiritual/Metaphysical Fiction and Best Book Cover. The winners will be announced on August 13, 2017.

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I am thrilled to announce that Millie's Angel has won the gold award for fiction: spiritual/metaphysical category in the Global Ebook Awards! 

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January 2017: Kiama Independent & Illawarra Mercury interview:

I was thrilled to chat with Brenden Crabb recently and featured in the local newspapers; Kiama Independent & Illawarra Mercury about my debut novel; Millie's Angel


- Kiama Independent 

​- Illawarra Mercury

March 23, 2017: ABC Illawarra 

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