Albert Einstein

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A New Friendship ... 

Millie pivoted on the balls of her own bare feet to face her new neighbour. Now that she was closer, Millie could see that Emily might be a little older than she had first figured. Millie thought she was very pretty, as she eyed her over inquisitively. Glimmering hair framed bright blue eyes that perched above the smallest of noses Millie had ever seen. Beneath that button nose, a rosebud mouth parted, petite with a smile upon the heart-shape of a china-doll face.

“Hi, I’m Millie. I live here.” She gestured towards the old house behind her.

Emily laughed. “Well, I live next door to you now!” Blue china-dolls sparkled.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"

- Albert Einstein

Millie's Angel -Excerpts

Butterflies remind us to keep our Faith ... 

In her mind she saw them playing in their back yard under the huge shade of the avocado tree, and picking daffodils and dandelions from a well tendered garden bed while  watching with childlike fascination for the fluttery movements of butterflies. “Mummy, what does faith mean?” Millie had asked, with her little head cocked to one side. “Believing in what we hope for,” her mother had answered with a bright smile. “Always keep your faith my little Millie."

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I love Albert Einstein so much so, a couple of his quotes are featured in Millie's Angel.

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