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February 2019

I am a Bird

Abuse me, Abuse me Not

Kiss Bombs

Getting Real

Karmic Dad

March 2019

The Unreal

Greenhorn: Beliefs & Opinions 

Tribes: An Introverts Perspective

Unravel your Thoughts, Ponder the Mysterious

Finding Keepers

 April 2019 

Scandalous: A Fleeting Love Song

The Truth about Love, Sexuality & Creativity

The Twin Flame Soul Connection - Soul Signatures - Part One with Special Guest Xavier Eastenbrick  

The Twin Flame Soul Connection - Runners & Chasers - Part Two with Special Guest Xavier Eastenbrick

​May 2019 

The Twin Flame Soul Connection - The Awakening - Part Three with Special Guest Xavier Eastenbrick

So, You Think You Can Write? 

Becoming Whole with Catherine Evans

Transcend Through Story: Unlock Your Imagination

The Girl Can Shine

June 2019

A Shamanic Soul Journey

Heartbeat - A Woman's Right

Changing Life Chapters - It's Easy to Resist Change

Dreamtime Stories: The Sacred World of Creative Energy

July 2019

Rocks, Stars & Signs

​Rooms for the Memory - What's it Really About Anyway?

Recognising Abuse in All its Forms by Kai Calvi

The Whisper

Soul Purpose & Connections for Creativity

August 2019

Guilt Overload - Take it Easy on Yourself

Go Ahead, Be Offended. You have that Right by Xavier Eastenbrick

Mindfulness is Stone Cold Sexy

It's a Sex Type Thing

Real Friendship Knows No Time

Sexual Transmutation & Alchemy 

September 2019

Where's the Excitement At?

I Hate the World Today - Parenting in the Fast Lane

Living from the Heart - Are you an Under or Over-Roller?


October 2019

Give and Take

Sometimes the Memory is the Story...

Friends, Family & Writing

Meditation is Sexy

Mindfulness: as Sexy as Meditation by Catherine Evans

Is Giving up an Option?

Dirty Dancing

November 2019 

Writing Through Disaster and Conflict

Balance Your Solar Plexus to Combat Imposter Syndrome

The Color of Green

Connecting with Your Higher Creative Self by Judy Sweeney

Relationships and the Power of Standing Your Ground

Creativity and Creation: A Radial Change in Perspective