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Author of Millie's Angel - a novel of Magical Realism that follows the story of a girl as she struggles between her mother's abandonment and her father's dark side. 

I love to write about beautifully twisted characters that ponder the secrets of life and death.

I possess an interest in all things meta-physical - our state of being. In learning the great secret of life and death, and consciously creating our lives. Part of my writing reflects this interest, part of it is just for plain entertainment - I love to use my imagination - one of the greatest gifts we are given. 


"Visions of beauty and splendor,
Forms of a long-lost race,
Sounds and faces and voices,
From the fourth dimension of space -
And on through the universe boundless,
Our thoughts go lightning shod -
Some call it imagination,
Some call it God."

- Neville Goddard