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Kim Petersen is author of The Ascended Angels Series. A paranormal romance thriller fantasy tale about angels on earth, love and demons. Her debut novel, Millie’s Angel received a gold award in the 2017 Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards. 
Based in Australia, Kim forces herself out of bed in the wee hours to walk the oceans roads of the NSW sleepy south coast town where she lives with her family. She is always grateful she did because she thinks there is much to be said about those small hours. She loves to explore the meta-physical aspects of life, and the universal bonds of love and friendship – then find expression through creating works of urban fantasy, paranormal and dystopian fiction. She drives too fast because sometimes it feels good to be reckless. She loves to travel, and listens to music at any given chance. Reading books is an obsession, and mindlessly munching on popcorn at the movies can be a satisfying pastime. Mostly, she loves to ponder anything mysterious and beautiful. 

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