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November 2017:

I had the pleasure of joining a handful of awesome authors along with our fabulous hosts, J. Thorn & Zach Bohannon on the Authors on a Train Writing Retreat. We spent a week talking all things writing, publishing and marketing, with awesome creative moments and lots and lots of laughs!

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Many thanks to my supporters. Your generous spirits have touched my heart. xo 



Millie's Angel

Hey friends!

I'm going to be in an awesome boxed set soon with 22 best selling, award-winning and upcoming authors that I think you will love. One of our goals will be to make sales on Nook and iBooks, with a focus of getting as many Nook or iBooks sales as possible on the FIRST DAY the set launches as a preorder.

If you like Dystopian and Urban Fantasy books and want to order this collection (and would be willing to order it on Nook or iBooks for $0.99 on PreOrder Launch Date) please consider filling out the short form below. This way I can send you an invite to do so on that date.

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